Custom painted hand sewn canvas tote bags made to match your interests! Contact me with your idea and I can give you an estimate


Custom painted and handmade tote bag, fully lined with zippered pockets and a magnetic closure. Materials and design per your preference!

Pricing in this listing gives ballpark estimates for simple totes (inexpensive materials such as canvas and cotton) and fancy totes (including materials such as leather, cork, or vinyl) as well as complexity of painted design (1-2 hours of labor vs. 3 or more hours of labor).

Contact me with your idea and I will give you a more refined estimate. These totes make great gifts and definitely have a "wow" factor! They are well made and I can modify the basic design to your needs. Thanks for viewing this listing.Free shipping when two or more qualifying items are purchased! Excludes custom made items EXCEPT custom journals. Use code SHIPMORE at checkout.

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