Custom piñata made to order! Please send me a message with your idea and I will make it happen!


$50-$250 for your custom created piñata, depending on scale and complexity.

The average cost is in the range $75-$125

**Contact me before purchase for estimated cost and shipping info**

A custom-made piñata by yours truly, catering to your favorite interests! Please contact me with your idea and I will do my best to create a unique piñata that will be sure to have everyone talking. I have made many piñatas in the past including a pony, wine bottle, BB8, tiki, heart shapes, tarantula, bear, numbers, etc. They are equipped with a strong loop for hanging and an easy to access hatch for filling. Your friend or family member will think you are the absolute best for getting them such a thoughtful gift!!!!

-contact me with your idea prior to purchasing your item!

-It takes about a week or two to create a piñata.

-pricing will vary depending on materials and labor needed.

-Shipping costs will vary depending on the size and weight of the finished project.

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