I would like to share my creative space at DoodleStitchArt with you!

  Hi, I'm Laura and I would like to welcome you to DoodleStichArt, my creative space! I am thrilled that you are here and I hope you find some inspiration of your own during your visit! 
    Since early childhood, I had always feel my best when I am creating. Whether it's a drawing, craft project, or Halloween costume, I am wholly energized by the process.  Hours speed by like minutes as they pass, often transporting me into the wee hours of the morning in what seems like just a matter of moments.  As I became an adult, I let my love of art fall by the wayside, focusing instead on grown up stuff like school and jobs. At the time, I dismissed art a guilty pleasure. Those late nights of crafting were no different to me than secretly digging the cookie bits out of the gallon of cookies and cream ice cream when no one is looking. Something that feels this amazing can't be a rational and healthy life choice, or so I have tried to convince myself.  My impulse to create was sadly relinquished to doodles in the margins of college notebooks and work meeting notes as well as the occasional sewing project or commission.  In the years to come and through the generous lessons that parenting tends to bring, I grew to understand how important it is to make time for one's creative practices.
  Things changed for me a few years after I had my son. He is a brilliant beam of light, a true original, and energy in it's purest form.  He is also on the autism spectrum and struggles with the challenges of ADHD.  I eventually assumed many new roles in his life including providing home schooling, behavioral and occupational therapy support, and all around general advocacy.  More than ever, I needed to be whole to be the best mom and spouse that I could be. It took me some time to realize that without art, something was missing. I resolved to start creating again.  On the advice of a friend, I began filling journals with my doodles everyday as a form of self-care.  Integrating art into my life has given me a nourishing boost of self-esteem and personal fulfillment. I just love spending time with art materials simply appreciating their properties and exploring their various uses.
  My new resolve carried me to the next natural step, sharing my work here at DoodleStitchArt.  This is my creative haven, a very personal space for me to share part of myself with you.  Thanks so much for being here and encouraging me on my art journey!  Enjoy your visit!  

All the best,


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