Handmade card wallet red canvas with magnetic snap closure clip on, notebook, and pencil. Perfect card holder for business cards!


This is a charming and sturdy clip-on canvas wallet/notebook combo, perfect for toting business cards or shopper's cards so you can have them at the ready! This canvas card wallet works double duty, also offering space for a notebook and pencil (both included). A strong magnetic clasp holds the wallet closed when not in use and a swivel clasp allows for attachment to other items such as a handbag or key ring.
Consider this convenient and attractive handmade item as a gift for almost any occasion, or just get one for yourself. Thank you for supporting a stay at home mom by choosing DoodleStitchArt.

Here are the stats:

-Wallet measures approximately 2.75" x 4"
-Notebook is handmade and measures 2.5" x 3.5", 60 plain white pages (front and back)
-Pencil is half-sized, already sharpened with an eraser, and is a natural wood color.Save on shipping for a multiple item purchase!Free shipping when two or more qualifying items are purchased! Excludes custom made items EXCEPT custom journals. Use code SHIPMORE at checkout.

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